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Free Pre-built Oracle Primavera 18.8 Applications Oracle VirtualBox Appliance

Free Pre-built Oracle Primavera 18.8 Applications Oracle VirtualBox Appliance

Welcome to the latest release of the Free Pre-built Oracle Primavera Applications VirtualBox appliance, I also want to take the opportunity to apologies for my slow response to your comments/questions/issues, especially around downloading the uploaded files. I have taken the necessary steps to correct the issue with the ftp site. I look forward to your feedback. This virtual machine is for demonstration, training, and testing purpose only. If you want to use this Virtual Machine in a production environment, please contact you Oracle Primavera Sale Rep for applicable licenses. This Oracle VirtualBox appliance contains fully configured, ready-to-use Oracle Primavera 18.8 applications, all you have to do is; install Oracle VM VirtualBox on your desktop or laptop and import the Primavera 18.8 applications appliance, yeah it is really that simple – trust me. If you use Oracle VM Server, you may also import this appliance into your Oracle VM Server infrastructure, this appliance is tested with Oracle VM Server x86 Version This appliance was also tested with VMware ESXi 6.5, importing this appliance into Oracle VM Server and VMware ESXi is beyond the scope of this blog. The following Oracle Primavera software and required enabling technologies are installed in the Oracle VirtualBox appliance;

Oracle LinuxRelease 6 Update 7
Oracle Database 12c Release EE
Oracle WebLogic Server12.
Oracle SQL Developer18.
Java SE Delopment Kit 64-Bit1.8.0_181
Oracle Primavera P6 EPPM18.8.0.0
Oracle Primvera Unifier18.8.0.0
Oracle Primavera Gateway18.8.0.0
Please see the Readme document for detailed instructions on downloading, importing and using the Oracle VirtualBox appliance


Download and install Oracle VM VirtualBox (version 5.2.18 or higher)

Download and install an md5sum program to check if your downloads completed correctly. Download 7-zip and after all files have been downloaded, use it to extract the .001 to obtain the .ova file to import into VirtualBox. You will need at least 200GB of free space (not including the downloaded files and .ova file) on your computer to import this virtual machine. You may also download the extracted oracle-primavera-v188-ol67-appliance.ova file if you wish.